Hero Kit Crash Pack


Specifically designed for the unique needs of cyclists, this ultra-lightweight first aid kit will help you save the day. At only 3.3 ounces (a Clif Bar® weighs 2.4 oz.) and under an inch thick, it’s small enough to fit in a jersey pocket, yet loaded with vital materials and detailed instructions for addressing the most common injuries and incidents on your ride.
We hate to say it, but there are only two types of cyclists: those that have crashed and those that will.

Road Rash? This kit does it better than any other first aid kit on the market. No other kit at this weight and price comes with:

-an irrigation syringe so that you can get all the foreign matter out of the abrasion,

-Lidocaine antiseptic gel, to get the “ouch out” and help prevent infection

-and a WoundStop wound dressing, an innovative gauze and compression bandage, originally designed for military use, that allows for one-handed self bandaging

Complete Item List:

LokSak waterproof bag
Instruction manual
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Lidocaine (2%) Burn Jel
2 Adhesive Bandages
2 Diphenhydamine Tablets (similar to Benadryl)
2 Ibuprofen Tablets
3 Butterfly Closures
3×3 gauze pad
3×2 “telfa” adhesive bandage
WoundStop wound dressing
10cc Irrigation syringe
Exam gloves, latex free